House of Roses

Entertain, Inspire, Educate. The Children's Success Series by: Mr. Roses.

Why Choose Us?

The main focus in Children’s Success Series Vol I. by: Mr. Roses is teaching how anyone can achieve success, happiness, purpose and meaning in life.

The series a self-development serious on success for a younger age group.

The series teaches kids important lessons on what it takes to become successful in their future. Each book has a unique story with its own main character and is written in a rhythmic writing style with full color illustrations to captivate the reader.

Each book is composed of a story and a workshop at the end. The workshop focuses on key lessons for success such as reading comprehension, attention to detail and has prompts on how to begin working towards success.

The first series consists of five books (SKIPP, PIP, Mikey, Sadie, Nato). 

About Us

Mr. Roses


     Mr. Roses is an old soul. He believes in past’s ways of family, respect and honor. He believes that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness in their life and that many have forgotten the virtues that mold society.

Mr. Roses's goal is to educate and aim the future generations down a guided path towards success. He wants to teach the troubles that today’s society could influence on a person and the virtues that have been forgotten.

Mr. Roses aims to teach respect for others, respect for self, kindness to all, acceptance of all and loyalty to others. He wants to teach that life’s potentials are available to all who dream and dare to chase them.